great people

very fair rates, clean cab,and on time - sam wahdan

great people

great - sam wahdan

Will call them again

great service - jojo


Very nice friendly drivers, clean cabs. 101 Rocks :-)! - Candace Sellner


Their rates are fair - ghada

Terrific Service

This cab company 101st Airborne cab service is very clean and neat, the drivers are very clean, people friendly and they are always on time and the fairs are more reasonable than any other cab service in town to the best of my knowledge. - James Mitchum


those guys take care of all fort campbell soldiers,they transport them safely on week ends.......and they have the safe ride program which allow the guys on post to get back with their FREE ride card. - semo

#1 Taxi in Fort CAmpbell

always their for soldiers - semo

prompt service

always on time...they do a great job around this city......thanks 101st - jojo


Greatly appreciated...101st dispatch and drivers - dan Gilbert

If you are a realtor

If you are a realtor also go out and get some MACE BRAND PEPPER SPRAY. Make sure it has a flip top cap and a keep it on your keys ready for use duinrg a showing. - Elizabeth

Katie, these picture

Katie, these pictures are biaetuful! Lisa, that promptness pic cracked me up! I teared up a few times, I sighed and giggled a few times Nate and Lisa, we love you guys! - Soska

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STAY AWAY! NO meters in the cabs. Charged us $30 to go 4.2 miles in 8 minutes. An absolute waste of money. DO NOT USE. - K Bahler

101st Airborne Cab


Taxi clean

Very nice and clean. Good ride. - Dan nanms

Good people ....all of them dispatcher and driver.

VERY nice Guys..will call them again. - Alan sweet

Good people ....all of them dispatcher and driver.

VERY nice Guys..will call them again. - Alan sweet


Very nice and helpful - Branden k


Wow, I called for a local fair quote trying to help my daughter get to work and it sounded like highway robbery. $45.00 one way from 41A to the industrial park for one trip. No wonder UBER is getting a foot hold in the business. Thank you 101st cab, we the little people can't afford you. - Paul Rivers

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101st Airborne Cab - 3025 Fort Campbell Blvd Ste. A Clarksville, TN 37042